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Welcome to Barnes Credit Repair and Rehabilitation Services! Our mission is to provide the best customer service while building, restoring, and protecting your credit so you can achieve your financial goals.

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$82,000 Penalty Tag For Bad Credit Mortgage

It is natural for people to ask for help when they are in trouble, and it is within our nature to offer a hand when we can.  What throws this natural human relationship off its kilter is our ego that impacts our decision as to when we ask for help and when to extend a […]

Great business opportunities for Mortgagers, Realtors, Auto Dealers, CPAs, Bookkeepers

Great business startup opportunities are about timing and networking! As America recovers from recession, most of America now needs credit repair. Over 80 million Americans now have poor credit. That is approximately 4 out of 5 consumers. Most don’t understand the credit reporting system and will gladly pay good money for someone to help improve their credit. […]

Discover How Realtors Get Home Buyers

Thousands of realtors who are top sellers are using Barnes Credit Rehab. Barnes Credit Rehab is helping realtors get qualified home buyers. Our specialists are showing realtors how to make sales by turning no one away because of bad credit. By using the Barnes Credit Rehab FES protection plan, potential home buyers with bad credit of realtors […]

Credit Score Changes -Ken Sweet’s Explanation

Ken Sweet from The Associated Press, the way your credit score is calculated will be totally different.The math used to calculate score going to change

Credit Repair Questions To Ask Companies Before You Enroll

A lot of consumers are in need of credit repair; however, they are scared to reach out for assistance because let’s face it…SCAMS. There are scams out there, but you have to know the questions to ask these scammers in order to use judgement as to whether they are legit. You can google online to […]

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