Great business startup opportunities are about timing and networking!

As America recovers from recession, most of America now needs credit repair. Over 80 million Americans now have poor credit. That is approximately 4 out of 5 consumers. Most don’t understand the credit reporting system and will gladly pay good money for someone to help improve their credit. Here is where Barnes Credit Rehab will step in. Home sales are heating up and there are great deals for home-buyers, but banks have become more strict and you cannot buy a home or refi without great credit.  If you’re a Mortgage Broker, Realtor, Auto Dealer, CPA or Bookkeeper, your daily flow of customers will already need this type of assistance.  Increasing your client’s credit scores will help them to get their dream car or dream house (and if you’re a loan officer, it will increase your revenue). We are extending our services to local loan officers, mortgage brokers, auto dealers, CPAs, etc, and recruit you to become our affiliates. We will make money by you referring clients to us and you will make even more money by closing more loans.  Each happy client will bring more referrals, and so the business grows.
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