Barnes Credit Repair and Rehabilitation Services offers the best credit repair financial engine tools to cover a broad spectrum of your life’s assets. No other company offers what we have without making you pay a substantial amount.

You have 24/7 web portal access to view when you want. Customer service and your Credit Repair Specialist are available when needed, so you have a team of reputable specialist within reach by a phone call away. The bundle package we offer is called the FES Protection Plan. It consists of the following:

Credit Restoration – Our credit experts work to get rid of erroneous, inaccurate, or obsolete accounts to restore your credit.

Credit Attorney – Our credit attorneys work in a legal and trusting manner to give each client’s case attention to determine the best credit repair. They can stop harassing calls.

Will, Trust, POA – This tool makes it easier on your family in crucial times. Sometimes the person you want to make your financial decisions is not the person you want to determine your health decisions and so forth. This is a very beneficial tool to determine those hard decisions, uncertainties. It was developed by attorneys, and it is customer friendly.

Smart Credit – You can monitor your credit FICO score 24/7. You also have access to three other credit algorithms used by auto dealers, insurance companies, and employers.

Debt Zero – This tool helps you with paying down your debt. The system shows you how to eliminate your debt based on obligations and interest rate. It helps to save you money.

Travel – You can save money on all your travels by booking all vacations on this tool. Save money when driving, flying, cruising and more!

Financial Lockbox – Keep your most important financial accounts locked in one safe location. If you are single, this is very useful because there is no one else who would know except you. You can store all of your important financial information in this tool.

Lifelock – This tool protects your identity. Receive a call, text, or email when fraudulent activity is detected immediately. Your best protection against thieves.

Positive Credit Builder – Learn how to improve your credit score. This tool is a credit repair education tool. It gives you the breakdown of how your credit score is calculated and directs you how to increase your score. It tells how much money you should spend or how much you are using and impacts your spending because you know.

Prescription Discount Card – Get up to 85% off in prescription medication prices. This tool allows you to put the medication name, quantity, and gives you the best price at different pharmacies.

Shopping portal – You can shop from your portal without leaving the house and at discounted prices on a secured site while earning cash back benefits. What more could you ask for?!


All of this and more! This is well over a $10,000.00 package a year for only one monthly fee less than a cup of coffee per day.

Your FES Protection Plan Team
Phone us: 248-848-9065
Enrollment and Payment Office – ext. 222 or 282
Customer Support –
ext. 369
Spanish Customer Support – ext. 299

Credit Specialist – Samantha Barnes (866)933-1377

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